• Teaching Fellow, Stat 286/Gov 2003: Causal Inference with Applications, Fall 2022 (Prof. Kosuke Imai)
    A graduate level course on causal inference. This is the third course in the Government Department’s method training sequence.

  • Instructor, Math prefresher, Summer 2022 (Prof. Gary King)
    A graduate level course for newly admitted PhD students on math, statistics, computer science, and related technical material.
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  • Teaching Fellow, GenEd 1119: Law, Politics, and Trade Policy, Spring 2022 (Prof. Christina Davis)
    A general education course that examines the transformative role of trade policy for Japan, Korea, and China.
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  • Teaching Fellow, Gov 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics, Fall 2021 (Prof. Steven Levitsky)
    A undergraduate course that introduces students to major theories and concepts in comparative politics.
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